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Winthrop Title & Tax Services LLC offers an extensive list of services for all of your real estate closing needs. Learn more about the services that are right for you.

No matter your real estate settlement needs, we can help. Contact us to learn more.

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  • Data Entry
  • Commitment Typing
  • Current Owner and Two Owner Search
  • LOV Searches
  • Vendor Management
  • Parcel ID Search
  • Closing Updates/Bring Down Search
  • Tax Services
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Mortgage and Title Services

  • Property Searches
  • Mortgage Processing
  • Title Commitment
  • Data Capturing
  • Property Assessment & Taxes
  • Property Appraisal ordering
  • Judgments Search
  • Abstracting Services
Young couple buying new home


  • Legal and Vesting Deed/LOV Report
  • Owner and Encumbrance Report
  • Two Owner Search
  • Chain of Title Search
  • 10-20-30 Year Search
  • Purchase Money Mortgage Search
  • Closing Update
  • Document Retrieval Services
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Tax Research and Services

  • Municipal Lien Search